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Our Father

27 January 2020

I haven’t been to church for ages, my Dad is too slow in the mornings and seems to have lost interest so we don’t go.

A few years back as part of a rehearsal/research process the team all visited an art gallery, a museum and a church. The art gallery was far and away the most dreary. Lifeless paintings on the wall which held no real power. The museum was better, it’s quite a thing to stand and stare at a person dead for over a 1000 years displayed in a glass case beside their sarcophagus.

But the church, that held some magic. It was Catholic which gives it a step up, we were all impressed, atheist, Muslim, Rasta. Jesus, barbed wire crown, carrying the cross with Mary his mum looking on, sad of course, both larger than life sculpted figures. The relics of woman who rather than lose her virginity was torn apart by a pack of dogs (I’m making that bit up, but it wasn’t far off). The rows of little candles. All the time we silently walked around the church, a man was knelt head bowed, just as we were leaving a shaft of light (I’m not making this up) beams through the top window and covers him and only him in light. Cue choir.

I am looking for someone to meet in Harstad who occasionally goes to church but doesn’t believe in God..